Supplementary Materials and Computer Code for P-Curve Papers

Last update: 2016 08 01

Paper 1: Simonsohn, Nelson, Simmons (JEP:G 2014) - "P-Curve A Key to the File-Drawer", V143(2) p.534-547. 
Paper 2: Simonsohn, Nelson, Simmons (Perspectives on Psych Science 2014) - "P-Curve and Effect Size: Correcting for Publication Bias Using Only Significant Results" V9(6) p.666-681

Supplementary Materials

1) Supplement (.pdf) for Paper 1
2) Supplement (.pdf) for Paper 2

Computer Programs
1) SAS Programs for Paper 1 (.html)
2) R Programs for Paper 2 (.html)
3) R Code behind Online App 4.052 (.html)
4) R Code comparing Fisher's and Stouffer's method for p-curve (.html)
Note: Starting with App 3.0 we discontinued using Fisher's method, this program compares the performance of both.

1) Excel sheet with P-Curve Disclosure Table for Right-Skew example in Paper 1 (.xlsx)